About Me



I'm passionate about empowering others to take control of their health and well-being by using whole food ingredients in the kitchen and healing with medical cannabis, all while nourishing body, mind and spirit.

I've just turned 31, and I feel that I've learned to slow down enough to notice the lessons that life is teaching me; like what I truly value and pursuing things that excite and ignite me. I hope by sharing my own stories of personal growth and healing, I can inspire others to join me in trying to get the most out of life, with the people that really matter.

This blog is about how I take care of myself through food, wellness, medical cannabis, exercise, self-care and love, especially for myself. Hope you enjoy!

xo D


Diandra is a social entrepreneur focused on sharing values of health and wellness via business. She is the co-founder of multiple businesses, previously enVie in Halifax, NS.

She currently works for National Access Cannabis; a nationwide system of distinctive health care centres that provide over 10,000 Canadians with a legal means to access medical cannabis; including education, medical liaison services, and access to a safe, regulated supply of cannabis.

Diandra believes that nutrition is a key part of the healing process, but sometimes is one of the most difficult things to manage.  She hopes by sharing recipes and techniques she has learned as a medical cannabis patient and a whole-foods, plant based chef will help others lead fuller, healthier lives.

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"Agent of Change" (2015) - Halifax Chamber of Commerce 

Recipient of 2014 Progress Women of Excellence Award in the Entrepreneur and Innovator category