Infused Dining


The infused dining Experience

Dinner to me has always been about celebrating conversation around the dinner table while enjoying meals with friends and family. Filled with laughter, love and honesty; some of my best memories come from sharing meals with old friends and new.

Imagine a sensory experience which allows you to enjoy a curated meal that is designed to your individual palate and desired experience.  Your dinner is infused with small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and the strain chosen has been selected for its flavour as well as its experience.

The raw flower has already been infused into a butter, oil, or other ingredient, and is incorporated into your food - sometimes without taste or flavour, or sometimes purposely so to elevate certain flavours in the dish.

By the third course, you start to feel a sensation of ease and joy. You laugh with your friends, your inhibitions are freed and your conversation leads the evening. This, my friends, is what infused dining is all about!

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Until cannabis is legalized in July of 2018, our infused dinners are for medical ACMPR patients only. Sign up for our mailing list below to be invited to our next pop up event. To book a private event in your own space, to get on the waiting list next summer, or for inquiries on if you qualify for medical cannabis please email

For those that qualify...

Customizable menus are available, including preferred cannabis dosage, food preferences or allergies, number of courses and optional wine pairings. Menus are usually designed with anywhere from 5-50mg of THC.

Join us for dinner, you won't regret it.