The Do Something Principle

The Do Something Principle

A few months ago a friend reached out to me to see if I wanted to speak on a panel at the Vancouver Lift Expo in January, and, maybe not so surprising to some, it turned into one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. Now Vancouver is a hard place to have a shitty time in – picture yourself surrounded by the ocean, mountains, breathing in the fresh brisk air, sun shining down on your face and roaming around the easy to navigate streets with your ankles bear in a balmy 10 degrees, eating delicious food, and…meeting some really nice people. The West Coast vibe rings true, people are relaxed and super friendly, and it kind of surprised me coming from Nova Scotia – where everyone says sorry for simply bumping into one another.

I had never been to Vancouver before but man, what a trip. This was one of the first vacations that I’ve taken on my own (minus work trips) in quite a long time, and whoa, was it liberating! I usually plan everything, but I’m really trying to focus on do-ing instead of todo-ing this year. I can get caught up in writing down everything that I want to do, but not taking enough action to just begin. I read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” on the way to Vancouver and it really set the tone for my trip. Mark Mason, blogger turned into entrepreneurial author, gave some real slap in the face advice that really stuck with me “Do or do not; there is no ‘how.'”



I’ve been stuck, on and off, for the last few years since a I took a step away from something I loved and made a shift to a new career and really, a new life. I was stuck in patterns, routines and distractions – overwhelmed with choice –  freedom does that to you I suppose? Lately, I found myself passing on some amazing opportunities due to the sheer amount of possibilities in this industry right now, and certainly a fear of failure or having a false start. I was feeling overwhelmed, and usually when we find ourselves spread out thin like peanut butter on toast, we get caught in the hamster wheel. Add anxiety. More stress, and more feeling of failure. What a rough few months!

At times I would also find myself building on my to-do list until I have to make a to-do list to keep up (enter Passion Planner, that’s another blog post!). A friend told me once that we only have so many decisions to make in a day before we just run out of the ability to make more, and then all of a sudden find ourselves standing in front of our closet trying to decide what to wear to a party, or mindlessly scrolling through Netflix to figure out what movie to watch. We’ve all been there, right? So if you were limited to 40 choices, which ones would you focus on making?

Also, side note, has anyone ever added up the hours you spend on your phone or watching Netflix in the run of a day? It was scary to think about what I could be doing to improve my mind, health and body by just taking an hour away a day. I’ve put the kai-bosh to all of that shit and I just read at night, and it’s serving me better for a deeper sleep and overall productivity.


BUT, I’ve learned that I was already choosing and doing – every single day, and I could simply make the right choices and do it. Coming back to this book that everyone should read, I’ve chosen to follow the “Do Something” Principle – and actually walk the talk. And it’s working. This paired with “we only have so many f*cks to give” approach that Manson takes really resonated with me and so far, 2 weeks of pushing, doing and dreaming I’m a believer that:

 Action –> Inspiration –> Motivation

Manson says, “If you lack the motivation to make an important change in your life, do something – anything, really – and then harness the reaction as a way to begin motivating yourself.”



What do you do to keep yourself motivated and moving towards your goals? Comment below! And then click here to get the recipes from my cannabis cooking demonstration at the conference (infused coconut caramel sauce, yes please!)

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